Spoutable lets you customize placements for each Zone of your site on both desktop and mobile, including Overlay, Top, Bottom, In-Page and IAB. Examples of placements can be found at spoutable.com/demo

Overlay Options
Exit Intent - Overlay triggered based on exit intent through profiling and mouse movement / velocity.
Interstitial - Interstitial with content, video, and quicklinks, optimized to engage people before continuing on site.

Top Options
Top Bar - 
Omnipresent header with premium appearance thats feels integrated to your site.
Top Offscreen - Placement hidden above the header only visibile when visitors scroll up to leave.

Bottom Options
Bottom Bar - Omnipresent footer bar providing relevent content recommentations and engagement beyond display.
Bottom Scroll - Utilization of underserved footer space... Never let someone get to bottom of page without seeing monetizable content.

IAB/In-Page Options
Split-Apart - Splits apart the article when the user scrolls to it. 


Publishers can indicate which of these options they would like to include on their site, and Spoutable will optimize based on those parameters.

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