Target Audiences are groups of similar sites based on “Passion Profile”. We recommend targeting several audiences that may be interested in your content and then making adjustments as needed based on performance.

Adventurers - outdoor, travel, extreme sports, auto
Entertained - TV, movies, music, celebrity, gaming
Foodies - food, drinks, restaurants, recipes, cooking
Fashionistas - style, shopping
Healthnuts - health & fitness, preventative medicine, healthy eating, self-help
Intellects - news, politics
Moneymakers - finance, investing, conservative news, careers

Techies - apps, start-ups, tech tools
Traditionalists - conservative politics
Homebodies - home, garden, interior design, kids, real estate, parenting

Important to Note: While the “Everyone” audiences does include sites across all audiences, ads targeting “Everyone” have a lower priority in the network, so it’s best to clone ads and target them to specific audiences if you want to scale.

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