• 700 x 700 pixels and under 1 MB (JPG preferred)
  • Crop so focal point is toward the upper center as the Ad Title and a gradient appears on the lower part of the image
  • Remove text and logos 
  • Utilize GIFs as this is a great way to quickly tell a story about your content
  • Use images of people/animals, preferably at medium zooms (shoulders/waist up)
  • Utilize images of celebrities or other recognizable content 
  • Refrain from images with too many people or focal points drawing attention from the content
  • Utilize bright, eye-catching colors within to attract attention. Contrast - including black and white - can help provide focus on intended content 
Ad Title 
  • Limit to 3 lines of copy (50 characters or less is ideal)
  • Use exciting/bold words early to capture attention
  • Lists are highly clickable so promote them by utilizing copy like “9 Amazing Facts About...” or “13 Unbelievable...” 
  • Utilize capitalization just as you would in a headline article (i.e. 13 Unbelievable Reasons Spoutable Drives Great ROI)
  • Spoutable targets ads based on “Passion Profiles” and utilizing those will help improve performance and attract the right audience. For Example: Foodies Audience: “15 Foods Every Beer Drinker Must Discover", Healthnuts: “4 Ways Athletes Reduce Stress…”
Ad Caption 
  • Limit to to 2-3 words to allow focus on your visuals
  • Use buzz words like “Life Hacker”, “Foodies”, “Learn More”, “Viral Videos” to attract attention 
Image/Copy Combinations
Start with a minimum of 3 image/copy combinations and add as needed to optimize the campaign.