From the My Spoutable Track dashboard, you can view the following metrics by date and campaign:

  • Ad Impressions - the number of times the ad has appeared in a Spoutable unit
  • Clicks - the number of times an ad has been clicked in a Spoutable Unit
  • CTR - clicks per unit impression
  • Conversions - number of conversions (You must have Conversion Tracking implemented to see this metric)
  • Spend - funds spent

To access your Track dashboard, click the Track tab in My Spoutable.

For a more detailed breakdown by creative and site, click the Email Detailed CSV link to have a report emailed to you. This report includes the metrics above as well as the following:

  • Date
  • Creative ID - unique ID of each of your ad/copy combinations
  • Campaign Name
  • Ad Title - copy that appears on the ad
  • Site ID - unique publisher ID
  • Profile - audience being targeted by the creative
  • Caption - short text that appears on the ad in addition to the copy
  • Click URL - ad destination URL 
  • Image URL - link to the image being used on the creative

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