Has your site been approved?
You should receive a confirmation email once your site has been approved by Spoutable. If you have not received a confirmation, there may have been an issue during the approval process. Please contact Spoutable Support to check in on the status of your site.

Is this thing on?
Make sure the button next to your site on the My Spoutable Manage screen is in the on (blue) position.

Do you have a Wordpress site?
If you have a Wordpress site, make sure your Spoutable code has been added to the ".footer.php" or "_footer.php" template.

Is the Spoutable code added more than once?
If the Spoutable code appears in the site HTML multiple times, or is added to both the HTML and within DFP, this can prevent the unit from showing.

Are you cookie'd?
By default Spoutable only shows to a user once every 15 minutes (or longer depending on your site Settings). If you are trying to view the unit again within this interval, it won't show. Try clearing your cookies and cache, or checking on a different browser.

Has the page loaded?
Spoutable loads last on the page, so you may not get the unit if you exit before the page fully loads, especially on pages with a lot going on. 

If you still can't get it to fire, contact Spoutable Support and we can help you troubleshoot.

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