Create a Publisher Account
Add Your Site
  • Add your site URL (i.e.
  • Add your "Friendly Site Name" (i.e. Spoutable)
  • Select a category
    • Ads for the Spoutable unit will pull from the categories you select in the order listed. During the optimization process, Spoutable may add or reorder categories based on performance
Customize Your Design
  • Click Upload Logo to add your logo to the unit
  • Select Background Color, Size and Position options on the left to see how it changes the demo unit on the right
  • Select the options that create the desired appearance, or keep "Use best performing option" boxes checked to leave it open for Spoutable to optimize.
Provide Payment Info
  • Enter your PayPal email address to be paid via PayPal, OR
  • Click Add Your Bank Account to be paid via direct deposit
Embed Code
  • Copy the code and paste into your site HTML just before the closing </body> tag
  • If you have a Wordpress site, add the code to the ".footer.php" or "_footer.php" template.

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