Create an Advertiser Account 

  • If you don't yet have an Advertiser account, please reach out to Spoutable Support so we can send you an invitation link. 
Create a Campaign
  • Campaign Name - enter a unique name for your campaign
  • Max Daily Spend - enter the maximum amount you want to spend in a single day. Leave blank if you have no limit on daily spend
  • Default CPC Rate for New Ads - enter default starting CPC for all ads you create in this campaign. You can change this value per ad later if desired.
  • Budget Name - make this unique to the campaign if you plan to create additional campaigns that are funded with a different credit card
  • Budget Amount - you will be charged this amount upon campaign creation
  • Add Payment Method - click here to enter credit card information
  • Enable auto-renewal - check this box to allow Spoutable to refill your budget automatically if it drops below $100 or 5% 

Create an Ad

  • Destination URL - include the tracking macros {{}} (unique site ID for publisher exclusions) and {{}} (unique ad ID for creative optimization)
  • Target Audience - it is best to target multiple audiences. Select the audience that is the best fit, finish creating the ad, then clone the ad and target it to a different audience.
  • Ad CPC Rate - cost per click on your ad in a Spoutable unit
  • Advanced Settings - click Show Advanced Settings to set geo targets or exclusions. Begin typing the name of a country in the Geo Target or Geo Exclusions fields and select the appropriate result.
  • Ad Title, Ad Domain, Ad Caption, Ad Image - see Best practices for creating great ads for tips on customizing your ad
  • Ad Pixel - this is for Advertisers that would like to serve their own pixel or a third part pixel with an ad

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